Wheelsmith Spokes For Custom Bicycle Wheels

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Wheelsmith Spokes

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Spoke Colors Black, Silver

Wheelsmith Spokes for Handbuilt Bike Wheels

Dave Says

Made in the USA

Dave's Wheels has used Wheelsmith spokes since the early '90s when they were a much smaller company. Up until 2008, the company featured a full line of different gauges but are now down to only two (2.0 straight or 2.0/1.7 double butted). What is significant about Wheelsmith spokes (other than their reliability) is that they are the only butted spokes that are made in the U.S., allowing us to offer a completely "Made in U.S.A." wheelset.

I've had my wheelset since 2006. I never had to true it once. They're still going strong after all these years. Call him, and you won't be disappointed. Also, they are much cheaper than the factory or boutique wheels out there, but built so much better.
~ Raymond from mtbr.com